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All my apps Music8, Baby’s Milk, 7forecast do not send personnal datas (expect to your own OneClient fo backup and settings).

7forecast use localization just for weather forecasts, and you can disable it in app settings. It’s not track or send to tier (except to weather service but it’s totaly anonymous).

7Forecasts is now on store!

7Forecasts for Windows 10 UWP (universal Windows App) is published. You will see the update in few hours…Hope you will enjoy this update !

More will come..


Get it on Windows 10

7Forecasts For Windows 10

I am testing new version of my app fo windows 10 as Universal Windows Application (PC,Mobile,XBox,…). I hope submit it in few days (it takes times to makes screenshots in different langages, descriptions…)

You will have same themes (Dark,Light,Blue) and a new one : XBox.

I had to change weather icons because I need HD icons for a good presentation on big screens.

Some screens (french version) on a mobile display :

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Windows phone In-app purchase in beta app

Hello, for those who have same « problem » like me few weeks ago : in my beta app, I tested in-app purchased but the licenses (free in test, or paid) « disapeared » each time I uninstall the app, or after an update. This is normal, a nuit-in function, this is the response of the  MS support :

« To answer your question because it is a beta the IAP is one time only so every time you uninstall and install you will be promoted to buy the IAP again. In a beta each time you reinstall the app the license data is cleared and it has to be purchases again. But once the app goes live you will not have that problem. »

And in effect, in release app I have not thos problem anymore.